Hi, I'm Klaus!

I'm an Experience Design leader who leverages Design Thinking to help people and organizations navigate, define, build and optimize ecosystems of engagement.

I'M a Design Leader,
Whether managing designers’ careers or leading cross-functional teams to improve and optimize the growth funnel, I focus on the people who make it happen.
• Bringing together people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds
• Assessing for strengths 
• Communicating with clarity 
• Empowering and facilitating collaboration
• Listening
Map and understand the entire ecosystem of engagement—whether it's internal systems, processes, political structures, or phases of a customer journey and the technologies that support it.
• Founder/owner of a branding and interactive design firm; Grew to 17 employees and contractors, hundreds of initiatives with year-over-year growth of 15% for 13 years
• Team Lead at Capital One; Built a multidisciplinary team of 13 designers partnered with 27 product managers and over 130 engineers
• Organized and led a monthly “Demo Day”; A ritual that helped build culture and a shared understanding of the mission. Bringing together geographically distributed, cross-discipline/cross line-of-business partners, including front line and call center support associates in order to share ideas and inspirations.
CUSTOMER-Obsessed & Data-Driven
I hold the same level of concern for the well-being of the customers that I serve, as I do for the people I work with. You can be business-lead, engineering lead, or product-lead…but I believe that customer-lead is the real true path. We should not just design for our customers, but with our customers.
• Understanding the customer's thoughts, feelings, and needs through qualitative research
• Measuring real-time metrics and developing insights from the data
• Valuing outcomes over intent
Iterating, optimizing, and improving the customer experience based on learnings so that their needs are addressed.
• As Digital Director at an international agency, led digital strategy and pitch efforts to win three retainer accounts valued at over $6.5 million, and won back a customer that had prepared to abandon the agency
• As Experience Design Director at Capital One, redesigned the account opening (Growth funnel) flow to be modular, fully customizable, and testable throughout the journey, increasing Checking Conversion rate by >20% and 90-day savings balances per application start by >10x 
• Increased Primary Banking Relationship usage per application start by >2x 
• Innovated a mobile-first, in-person account opening experience, exceeding regulatory requirements and creating a touchless experience in the age of Covid

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